31 July - 01 August, 2018 | Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney, NSW

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The 2nd Annual Government Service Design Summit is set to return this year between 31st July and 1st August 2018 in Sydney with a brand new focus on re-aligning internal strategies to adopt user centric design principles to enhance services and meet growing expectations.

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Putting People First: Leveraging Human Centred Design in Service Delivery

Ahead of the Government Service Design Summit 2018 we chat to Andrew Dadswell, Senior Manager of Strategic Engagement at ASIC. In this article Andrew explores ASIC’s strategic review of their MoneySmart offering and delves into the human centred design approaches being lever ...

Service NSW: Embedding a Scalable Knowledge Ecosystem into Operations to Deliver Customer Driven Services

Ahead of the Government Service Design Summit 2018 we chat to Bryan Williams, previously Chief Knowledge Officer at Service NSW. In this article Bryan shares with us details of Service NSW’ scalable knowledge system that is simultaneously streamlinin ...

Five Top Tips to Create Superior Customer Driven Government Services

Ahead of the Government Service Design Summit 2018 we take a look at the five best practice strategies government organisations from all across the country are leveraging to streamline internal processes, and optimise the end user experience.

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Reengineering service design at Department of Transport WA: Creating a single point of access for all transport services to drive a seamless customer experience

In this case study, Steve Mitchsinon, A/ Driver and Vehicle Services General Manager, Department of Transport Western Australia (WA), explores the tools his team is using to identify customer needs and pain-points and how they have progressed with reengineering their service design through collaboration across departments.

Transforming Toowoomba Regional Council Services through a 5 year CX strategy

In this video interview, Kirrilly Rowan, Manager, Customer Service, Toowoomba Regional Council, explores lessons learned from her organisation's CX journey to date and the steps they are taking to design services with the customer front of mind.

7 ways to design citizen-centric government services

This article explores seven key steps government organisations can take to design end-to-end customer centric services and transform the culture of government so that citizens are seen as partners.