Pre-Conference Workshop: Monday, 24 July 2017


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Business Case 101: Gaining Stakeholder Buy-In and Transforming Staff Mindset around Policy, Procedure and Service Delivery

Catherine Veronesi, Manager Customer Service, City of Sydney
Learning how to build a solid business case is a skill that is accepted by different layers of management that is hard to practice and perfect. In this workshop, our expert facilitator will lead a practical and interactive session to help you learn how to analyse; build and pitch a service design business case that will successfully meet your organisation’s needs and help them make better decisions.
Another fundamental reason that the majority of projects fail is not technology and processes, but people. Often, the people factor is overlooked, as departments seek to improve services to external customers.
In this workshop, our facilitator will address best practises for building and pitching a business case as well tackling the challenges of embedding a continuous change culture within the department.
Key Learning Areas:
  • Exploring the key elements to gaining buy in and trust from stakeholders
  • Establishing the true value of your service design project ensuring clear and transparent guidelines for ROI
  • Setting up KPI’s to measure your progress and performance throughout the various stages of transformation
  • Instilling a culture of change within teams and the wider organisation
  • Ensuring your case is flexible and accommodating to other business goals



Catherine Veronesi

Manager Customer Service
City of Sydney


Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is using an innovative approach to influence how government is changing to ensure customers receive timely and appropriate services.
Design Thinking in New Zealand is not a new concept and often applied to solve small discrete problems however when it comes to scalability it has its challenges because the authorising environment, culture of collaboration and key tactical enablers are not aligned.
In this workshop, the facilitators will demonstrate how they have applied system and service design thinking to initiate the shift, maintain momentum and achieve incremental progress. They will discuss the barriers, the risks and successes of a cross agency approach to improving government services for customers. They will take you through an exercise to illustrate the complexities and the types of collaborations required to shift government behavior on one problem to become more customer centric.
Key learning areas:
  • The challenges, risks and the benefits of a multi-tiered design approach
  • Types of collaborations and what is required to maintain momentum at each of the levels
  • How to not lose sight of the customer when using the multi-tiered design approach


Darryl Carpenter

Manager - Integrated Services
The Department of Internal Affairs New Zealand

Kirk Mariner

Senior Service Design Lead
The Department of Internal Affairs New Zealand